martes, 9 de abril de 2019

Making Easter Eggs

Easter is here! What about preparing our Easter eggs for decorating the school?
Here you have some ideas for making our eggs. Come on, let's do eggs!!

lunes, 1 de abril de 2019

April fools' day

On April the first we celebrate April's fool day. Watch the story and learn about this funny festivity!

miércoles, 13 de marzo de 2019

St. Patrick's Day is an annual feast day celebrating the patron saint of the day. It is a national holiday of Ireland and is usually celebrated on March 17th. It has become a popular holiday in the United States. People wear green and eat corned beef and cabbage.

lunes, 11 de febrero de 2019

Valentine's messages

Here you are some messages for your Valentine's card

Saint Valentine's Day

Watch this video and listen to the Valentine's song for Valentine's Day next 14th February.
Make a Valentine's card and give it to an special partner or friend.

martes, 22 de enero de 2019

Dear pupils, Peace Day is coming and it is a good time to learn some songs about peace.
Here you are two of them, I hope you will enjoy them!